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Translation terms pawn shop

  • For your understanding of the general terms and conditions outlined below, the following definitions apply.


  • Loan Receiver :The person receiving loans against secured items and as named on the loan contract.

  • The principles of your loan are simple, and are clearly outlined below.

  • PANDHUIS HOOIDRIFT will (under discussion and agreement by both parties) SUPPLY A FINANCIAL LOAN, where your jewellery and /or other items as deemed suitable, will be handed over as SECURITY against the amount of money loaned.

  • The costs of your loan based on one term of 3 months are 20% of the loan amount supplied by PANDHUIS HOOIDRIFT.

  • When the loan receiver repays the loan (within the agreed duration) in full plus all costs applicable as per the terms and conditions, all items supplied as security against the loan, will be returned in the “same condition” as they were received in.

  • The loan receiver always has the opportunity to RETRIEVE ITEMS USED AS SECURITY EARLIER than the stated loan duration. In many cases this is of financial benefit to the loan receiver. PANDHUIS HOOIDRIFT offers the following DISCOUNTS for early repayment:

  • For full loan repayment within 30 days, Total Costs = 15% of the supplied loan.

  • For full loan repayment within 7 days, Total Costs = 10% of the supplied loan.

  • With prior agreement PANDHUIS HOOIDRIFT can offer the opportunity to pay back the loan amount plus all applicable costs in instalments over a period of time. This will be assessed on an individual loan basis.

  • In the event that the loan receiver is not able to pay back the loan plus all applicable costs on or within the agreed 3 months period, the loan receiver has the opportunity to EXTEND THE LOAN PERIOD for an additional 3 months. In order to qualify for the loan extension, the loan receiver is required to pay PANDHUIS HOOIDRIFT 20% of the original loaned amount. Thereafter an additional 3 month contract extension will be given, at the end of which (or earlier) the full loan is to be repaid plus an additional cost of 20% of the original loan supplied by PANDHUIS HOOIDRIFT.

  • At all times, keep your loan receipt/contract safe. Your secured items will only be returned upon evidence of the original loan receipt. Duplicates/copies will not be accepted. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  • PANDHUIS HOOIDRIFT will take good care of your secured items and accept responsibility thereof. In addition during the period of the loan all items will be insured. However PANDHUIS HOOIDRIFT will only accept responsibility up to the maximum of the loan given against the said items.

  • When the repayment due date is extended -with approval of the loan-giver, thereafter additional costs become applicable pertaining to the repayments and retrieval of secured items as a result of the agreed extension period.

  • In the event that within 30 days after the contract end date the loan receiver does not retrieve the secured item(s), or does not pay the amounts due (secured loan + costs), or does not contact (in person) PANDHUIS HOOIDRIFT in order to request an extension to the contract loan period, the said secured items will by default, as per existing laws governing loans, and without prior notification to the loan receiver, become the property of PANDHUIS HOOIDRIFT.

  • Thereafter PANDHUIS HOOIDRIFT retains the right to determine the final selling-on price for any item that has been used as security for the said defaulted loan.

  • In the event that the secured item(s) is sold on by PANDHUIS HOOIDRIFT, it is not possible for the loan receiver to retrieve or have returned the said item(s).

  • In the event that the selling-on price is higher than the original given loan, the difference will “without exception” be retained by PANDHUIS HOOIDRIFT. In no circumstance will this difference be retrievable or repayable to the defaulted loan receiver.

  • In the case of dispute between the parties concerning the given repayment due date, or concerning the description of the secured item(s), or concerning the amount being paid out against the secured item(s), or concerning the amount of monies being repaid to PANDHUIS HOOIDRIFT by the loan receiver, then the information held within the accounting ledger of PANDHUIS HOOIDRIFT will serve as the legal basis of all transactions between the two parties.

  • NOTE:

  • For the sake of clarity and concerning the governing laws pertaining to loans, the Dutch version of the terms and conditions will at all times take precedence over the above translation.

  • If you have any question about the terms of conditions of the pawn shop, please contact us by mail or phone.

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